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NETcellent 30 Day Return Policy

All NETcellent products carry a 30 day no questions asked return policy even if the product has been opened and installed.  This includes ELLIOTT Business Software and vertical/add-on enhancements.  However, this does not include service items and non-NSI products (third party solutions). Also, freight and handling fees will not be credited back when returned. 

Since NETcellent sells products through a valued added reseller network and not all products your reseller sells are from NETcellent, NETcellent will only credit back the items that were sold by NETcellent and the amount that NETcellent charged your reseller.  It is up to your reseller whether they will give you credit back.  You are advised to confirm with your reseller if they will give you credit back if you return products in 30 days.  You should return the product through your reseller.  In the event of a dispute and if your reseller refuses to give you credit back, you may return the product to NETcellent directly for a credit that NETcellent charged the reseller originally.

Definition of NSI Products

An NSI product is a software product that is created by NETcellent and is qualified for the 30 days return policy.  You may return NSI products even if the seal package is broken and the software has been installed.  This includes the following:

ELLIOTT Business Software
Add on enhancements
Vertex Interface
Style Group (Apparel)
Sales Order Export
Sales Order Import
Bank Book
Bar Code Xfer, Quick Receipt, Quick Ship modules
ELLIOTT, POS, Barcode manuals
Marketing Collateral Pens, Polo-Shirts, Brochures.

Definition of Non-NSI Products

A Non-NSI product is a product that is not originated from NETcellent.  Therefore we do not accept returns on such items. This includes but is not limited to:

F9 Financial Report Writer
Crystal Report Writer
P.SQL / Btrieve
Bartender Label Software
EDI Software
Hardware items

Definition of Service Items

A Service item is a service that either NETcellent or a third party performed and is not considered as a product. No service items can be returned.  This includes but is not limited to:

Adding more users note: this is not considered an NSI product
Trip Charges
Trip Expenses
Conference Fees

NETcellent return policy is subject to change without prior notice.