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Supply Chain Management

Improve your supply channel with Elliott's Supply Chain Management features. Use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to process Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Advance Shipping Notifications (including UCC 128 Labels).

Elliott's Internet Solution offers customer order status and tracking numbers online. Elliott's Remote Sales Order Taking allows you to take orders at trade shows. Elliott's Shipping Management provides shipping manifest integration with third party solutions and shipment confirmation emails to notify customers of delivery.

Elliott's Available to Promise (ATP) provides for a real time MRP manufacturing function. Track incoming and outgoing inventory and accurately determine inventory on hand and more.

EDI Solution

Seamless integration into Elliott. A fully automated mapping solution utilizing Elliott's Sales Order Import and Sales Order Export utilities. The system can process incoming purchase orders (850), outgoing advance shipping notification (856) including UCC 128 Labels, and outgoing invoices (810).

Shipping Features

Staging Slip - Allows you to print mutltiple pick tickets onto one staging slip, which makes it convenient for your warehouse person to pick up all items for the orders in one trip. It is ideal for distributors with large warehouses.

Bill of Lading - The system will print a Bill of Lading form used by trucking companies for shipping purposes. There's no need to manually print BOL with this feature in Elliott. It handles consolidated and detailed line item printing.

Shipping Verification  - This feature in Elliott insures 100% shipping accuracy. It is ideal for EDI users who have advance shipping notification (856) and UCC 128 label requirements.

Shipping Manifest Integration - Elliott integrates into Starship Shipping Manifest System.

Email Order Acknowledgement

When an order is placed for any customer, an order acknowledgement may be optionally sent via email. This can be done immediately at the time of completing the order entry process. Or all order acknowledgements can be run at once using the included batch routine.

Email Shipping Notification

Just as with the Order Acknowledgement, which can be sent via email, shipping notifications also can be ent via email. It can be sent for open or invoiced orders and can optionally include tracking information. In addition, it can be setup as a defer process, which means you can specify a time later in the day where the system will automatically email shipment notifications to your customers.


Shipment Tracking

If using the Starship Manifest System, and Starship is configured to write the tracking number of a shipment back to the database notes, right clicking on the note will launch the Internet Browser and send the UPS or FEDEX tracking number directly to the appropriate web site.

This tool is imperative for customer support staff that will often receive calls inquiring as to the status of their current order. By looking up the appropriate order, not only will the staff person be able to determine if a shipment has left the company, but they can take the process one step further by finding out exactly where the shipment is in the UPS or Fed Ex Process, as well as provide the anticipated delivery date as reported by the carrier.

If your not using Starship and do not intend to switch to Starship Shipping Manifest system, Elliott V7.x can update manifest-tracking numbers (Notes) in Elliott manually. This will allow you to track the orders shipment through Elliott or Web Order Inquiry. Users can also send email shipping acknowledgements with the tracking number with a hyper link to the UPS, FedEx, USPS and Airborne Express (newly supported in V7.x) website.

For packages that are not processed through shipping manifest (i.e. Truck), you can optionally send shipping acknowledgements after billing selection, invoice printing or posting.

Elliott Internet Solutions

This is Elliott Business Software's
e-Commerce and e-Business solution. It enables users to place orders throught the Internet real-time. In addition, they will be able to manage orders as well as view invoice history real-time. They can track their orders online.

Stock Watch

If a customer is interesting in an item that is out of stock, then system will allow you to create an event that will automatically email the customer when the item of interest is available.

Available to Promise

ATP provides a real time MRP manufacturing function. Determine future on hand qty for a specific item to meet your customers request date.

Remotes Sales Order Entry

Elliott's Consumer Scanner Interface gives you the flexibility of entering orders at trade shows and interfacing it back to the Elliott Business Software application.

Copy COP Sales Orders to PO

Elliott allows you to copy sales orders generated in COP to Purchase Order Requisitions. The requisitions, once approved by the purchasing manager, can be released to generate purchase orders.

Landed Cost Tracking

Landed Cost Tracking is used to give companies the ability to better track item costs. For many companies, tracking FOB cost alone is not enough. Many companies encounter additional costs, which are unaccounted for, or is entered in the system as a simple adjustment without detailed information explaining "Why" the adustment was made and no means of reconciling the transaction. With Elliott's Landed Cost Tracking, companies will be able to track additional costs like duty, shipping & handling, etc. It will also provide a breakdown of the Landed Costs. The feature is ideal for companies who import goods.